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The Unthanks

The Unthanks
The Unthanks

The autumn of 2009 represents an exciting and adventurous time for the Mercury nominated Geordie band formerly known as Rachel Unthank & The Winterset. Having established themselves as the most innovative and critically acclaimed English folk band in modern history, with admirers as disperate as members of Radiohead, Portishead, Robert Wyatt, Ben Folds, Nic Jones, Ewan McGregor and Nick Hornby, The Unthanks are ready to risk it all with another audacious step sideways. While the abbreviated name reflects the long-established reality that the band is co-fronted by Rachel Unthank's sister Becky Unthank, the real development sees an extended line-up that includes string quartet, brass, percussion, tuned percussion, bass, and The Unthank's producer Adrian McNally taking on piano responsibilities from Stef Conner who returns to a PHD. Winterset key member Niopha Keegan continues on violin.

Known for their timeless, unsentimental and quietly subversive tales of loss, fear, booze, brawels, abuse and sorrow, new album Here's The Tender Coming, as the name suggests, is a calmer, melancholic, warmer colour of sad than the intense bleakness of its predecessor; The Bairns, nominated for the Uncut Music Prize and Mercury Music Prize as one of the top ten British albums of the year. Forging links between folk worlds old, new and other, The Unthanks are the inheritors, curators and distorters of Tyneside’s traditions. Don't miss the next chapter.

‘Intimate, epic, overflowing with feeling and musical intelligence’ The Independent

“Music as tough as it is gentle, as ancient as it is modern, and as coldly desolate as it is achingly intimate.. a sensationally graceful sound that can be epic and subdued, dreamy and specific, as well as supernaturally ancient and defiantly modern”.
Paul Morley, Observer Music Magazine

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