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12 October 2018 - Ian McNabb Claptrap The Venue Stourbridge

This page is available for information but please note that the date of this show has passed.

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Remembered mainly for The Icicle Works and their top 20 “smash” they called them that in those days “Love Is A Wonderful Colour”, main man Ian McNabb has been a solo artist for some 25 years. Debut album ‘Truth And Beauty’ was released in 1993 and Ian has released over a dozen stylistically shifting albums since then, culminating this year with the recent album ‘Our Future In Space’ on which he is backed by fellow Liverpudlians ‘Cold Shoulder’.

Though The Icicle Works often confused their audience with a mix of psycheByrdsian jangle, funk grooves and straight down the line ‘rock’ quite often in the same song …, they remain one of Liverpool’s finest 80’s exports deserve to be ranked alongside other more successful acts such as Echo The Bunnymen. Indeed, McNabb often rolls out The Icicle Works name to perform two and a half hour shows of their greatest moments every other year or so with current line-up Roy Corkhill, Richard Naiff and Mathew Priest. This band helped produce what I personally regard as Ian’s finest ‘solo’ album, 2017’s ‘Star Smile Strong’ which is worth the price alone for ‘Clarabella Come To The Window’ – truly one of McNabb’s top 5 song writing achievements.

As this is a solo performance, expect to hear choice tracks from the most recent albums, plus older Icicle Works gems and songs from across Ian’s vast, ever growing songbook, all delivered with passion, honesty and plenty of humour thrown in. This is an intimate performance with very limited tickets and as Ian hasn’t played in Stourbridge in over a decade, it is expected to sell out before the date. Don’t miss out on what I believe will be a ‘gig of the year’.

Ian McNabb
Ian McNabb

Ian McNabb

Ian McNabb is known both for his work as leader and songwriter-in-chief of the Icicle Works in the 1980s, and his critically-acclaimed solo career throughout from the early 1990s to date. He has also played with musicians as diverse as Ringo Starr, Crazy Horse, Mike Scott (of The Waterboys), and Danny Thompson of folk legends Pentangle. A new studio album 'Great Things' is due out in 2010.


Claptrap The Venue


Formerly Scarycanary. Now under new ownership, the venue has retained its unique style and charm and continues to put on a wide variety of events.

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