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11 January 2019 - The Version Sadlers Brewhouse Lye

This page is available for information but please note that the date of this show has passed.


The Version

Following the demise of Hagley based band 'Mojo Risin' in the spring of 2009, Guitarists Nick Barrell, and Pete Thornton, and drummer Paul Dodds, decided to try and continue on. After seeing former Mojo Risin bass player Dave Luker performing as frontman with another band The Melantra Falls, Nick managed persuade Dave to rejoin them. The rest fell into place, and with a lineup that consisted of Paul Dodds (Drums) Nick Barrell (Guitar) Pete Thornton (lead guitar) Dave Luker (Bass / Vocals) and after much discussion settled for the band name 'Black Cat Bone'.

The gigs started to come thick and fast, with successful performances all around the West Midlands, with the band being praised by the press for their crowd pleasing, energetic performances.

The band continued to blossom, but aware that the band name Black Cat Bone may give the impression on the band playing blues music, rather than covers of rock and pop songs, it was decided in February 2010 that the name should be changed to The Version.

The band continued to perform two different crowd pleasing sets depending on the venue, ether rock cover songs, or a set jammed packed full of songs to get the crowd singing and dancing.

Sadlers Brewhouse

Sadlers Brewhouse
Sadlers Brewhouse

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